EU Directive on Eco-Design (ErP)

What is Ecodesign?

Ecodesign can be understood as being environmentally friendly product design having the aim of reducing environmental impact caused throughout the entire product lifespan.


It is important for us to develop ecologically sophisticated products in order to contribute to the sustainable protection of resources. Quality products are created based on this philosophy that is characterised by a long lifespan and high energy efficiency.

LEDVANCE ensures that environmental impact is reduced, with a product life cycle based on sustainability, ranging from the product idea to recycling.

Modifications 2018

Halogen ban

Product portfolio: Halogen lamps

The sixth stage of the ErP Regulation (EC) 244/2009 comes into force on September 1st, 2018, which prohibits the placing of certain ineffiient non-directional household lamps on the market.

These halogen lamps are affected by the regulation

  • HALOLUX Ceram

Excluded from the EC Regulation are products for special purposes, such as oven lamps, because these cannot be adequately substituted by alternative technologies. Haloline lamps with R7s base and Halopin lamps with G9 bases are also not affected by the regulation.

Characteristics of affected lamps

  • The affected halogen lamps emit light all around.
  • Applications: especially general lighting, mood lighting and entrance lighting.
  • The bulbs of the lamps are made of glass.
  • Most of the affected lamps have an E27, E14 base.
  • The lamps require no transformer.

Efficient LED alternatives

Modifications 2017


Product portfolio: High Intensity Discharge lamps

The third and so far last stage of regulation EC 245/2009 comes into force on April, 13th 2017 and the third and so far last stage of regulation EC 1194/2012 comes into force on September, 1st 2016.

So what is the effect on the HPD portfolio?

  • A multitude of our HPD lamps do already today fulfill the future requirements of the third stage.
  • For a further part of our portfolio work is in progress to enable these lamps to comply with the future requirements.
  • A smaller part of our portfolio cannot be improved technically far enough to meet the demands and consequently has to be phased out latest with coming into force of the respective regulations

A list with future proof lamps and lamps to be phased out can be found here:

Modifications 2016

Halopar 16

Product portfolio: Halogen lamps

The European regulations setting ecodesign requirements for energy related products will continue to influence the lighting market in 2016 with the aim of banning inefficient products. As of September 1, 2016, the placing on the market of mains voltage directional halogen lamps will therefore be banned in accordance with the third implementing measure 1194/2012. The following table gives an overview of the affected OSRAM lamps and the corresponding LED-based alternatives.

The following OSRAM lamps are affected by this ruling

  • HALOPAR 20/30/38
  • HALOPAR 16

A list with lamps to be phased out and LED alternatives can be found here:

Modifications 2012 and 2015 on the HPD lamps range

These lamps are not provided anymore

With the second step of the EU directive 245/2009 (ErP), 347/2010 (ErP) as well as the terms of the EU directive 2011/65 (RoHS 2) coming into force on 13th April 2015, all mercury vapor lamps (HQL), mercury hybrid lamps (HWL) and many sodium vapor lamps (NAV plug-in) are no longer permitted to be placed on the market in the European Union.

Finding the best solution, together

Whether HQL, HWL or NAV plug-in: Obsolete high-pressure discharge lamps are found everywhere in urban public lighting and street lighting.

The optimal solution: LED upgrade for your luminaires

If you use HQL lamps a luminaire upgrade to LED is as easy as never before: Decide for the new PARATHOM HQL LED lamps, the ideal LED alternatives for applications where high luminous flux is required – and consequently for energy savings of up to 70% and maximum ease of maintenance.

Pragmatic solutions: System replacement

As an alternative for NAV plug-ins a system replacement is recommended to achieve a long term, efficient and economic solution: With new, modern OSRAM HCI or NAV Super lamps with dimmable electronic control gear. Replaceable equipment mounts facilitate the exchange process, and up to 55 % energy can be saved with a system change.

If HWL lamps are used, system replacement is not possible. In this case we recommend new luminaires - modern heritage or innovative LED luminaires - as the ideal solution.