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Full led lighting - more comfort, more savings

LEDVANCE LED luminaires with a sensor system guarantee lighting quality and comfortable use.

LEDVANCE LED solutions in all areas of the ENTREPRISE SPIESS buildings

ENTREPRISE SPIESS is a company specialized in the field of public and private construction work. The premises of ENTREPRISE SPIESS include several industrial halls, parts of warehouse, a hall for the care and maintenance of vehicles and construction equipment, and offices. The objective was to improve the lighting situation and at the same time reduce energy consumption. The traditional lighting was no longer efficient enough and the lack of light causing shadows was hindering technicians in their maintenance work. In the offices, the target was to increase the light levels and above all to have an automated system without manual switching and with motion detection. “We were well advised by LEDVANCE for our lighting renovation project. The installation was easy and fast, and we are already seeing the results in terms of energy consumption. Our employees appreciate the automatization of lighting in the offices. It is very comfortable for them and it also saves the energy. We are still in the process of expanding our premises and are counting on LEDVANCE to enlighten us once again," Franck Schmitt, Recycling Operations Manager at ENTREPRISE SPIESS.

In the halls, up to a height of 10 meters, the traditional lighting with high pressure discharge lamps or fluorescent tubes was replaced by LED solutions. Thus 18 HIGH BAY luminaires now equip the halls and maintenance workshops. 12 waterproof DAMP PROOF luminaires were installed in the spare parts storage workshop and 18 waterproof DAMP PROOF SPECIAL luminaires were mounted in the mechanical pit. 28 FLOODLIGHT PERFORMANCE ASYM luminaires were installed in the parking lot and on the facades of the industrial halls. All these lighting renovations have improved comfort, but the most importantly, safety on the workplace where several thousand trucks and machinery vehicles move around every year. The lighting in the office was also optimized with LED solutions. The reception area, corridors and toilets were illuminated by 10 DOWNLIGHT COMFORT and 19 SPOT FIREPROOF FIX luminaires. Furthermore, 55 PANEL luminaires were installed in the offices and meeting rooms and 4 SURFACE COMPACT IK10 luminaires safely guide employees through the stairwell. Sensors installed in the offices enable the automation of lighting.
The selected luminaires stand out for their high level of lighting comfort, potential energy savings and low maintenance and operating costs. Thanks to the detection sensors in the offices, the lighting automatically adjusts to presence – providing light only when needed - and adapts to natural light by regulating the artificial light so that there is always sufficient light intensity. The company thus saves energy and, as a bonus, does not need a manual lighting switch, which is a significant advantage, especially in times of increased hygiene requirements. In addition, the LED solutions have considerably improved the quality of light and the comfort of the employees. Maintenance costs have also been reduced, which provides a significant saving.
The complete conversion of the lighting at site to LED solutions from LEDVANCE has significantly improved the quality of the lighting as well as the comfort and safety of the employees. Maintenance costs have also been reduced. In the offices, the lighting only needs to be switched on when required and adapts to the natural course of daylight.

With offices in more than 50 countries and business activities in more than 140 countries, LEDVANCE is one of the world's leading general lighting providers for professional users and end consumers. Having emerged from the general lighting business of OSRAM GmbH, LEDVANCE offers a wide-ranging assortment of LED luminaires for a broad spectrum of application areas, intelligent lighting products for Smart Homes and Buildings, one of the largest LED lamps portfolios in the industry, traditional light sources, electronic components and light management systems. Based on an agreement with OSRAM, LEDVANCE will continue to use the trusted OSRAM brand for many of its products (SYLVANIA for the USA and Canada). Further information can be found at


LEDVANCE LED solutions in all areas of the ENTREPRISE SPIESS buildings: office, workshop, stairwell and more (Source: LEDVANCE)
LEDVANCE LED solutions in all areas of the ENTREPRISE SPIESS buildings: office, workshop, stairwell and more (Source: LEDVANCE)
LEDVANCE LED solutions in all areas of the ENTREPRISE SPIESS buildings: office, workshop, stairwell and more (Source: LEDVANCE)

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