High-pressure discharge lamps - clever technologies for bright sparks

High-pressure discharge lamps

OSRAM high-pressure discharge lamps are real supercharged lights. Robust, durable and powerful. They are used primarily in the industrial sector, where they fulfil a very important role. The lamps generate a stimulating, attractive light in sales rooms and hotels with a high degree of colour fidelity and provide clear illumination, improve safety and reduce maintenance intervals in industrial warehouses, sports facilities and public spaces – they also help plants and flowers to bloom. All this is achieved with maximum efficiency and economy!

OSRAM high-pressure discharge lamps offer different light colours, wattages and designs for a wide variety of daily illumination tasks. Furthermore, in the area of special applications, OSRAM offers some award-winning advanced technology in applications for medicine and science, lighting for cultural and sports events, architectural lighting, video projection, professional lighting on film sets and in film projection to name but a few examples.