UV Filter technology: Doped quartz glass for halogen lamps

OSRAM was one of the first lamp manufacturers to use UV filter technology. Almost the entire halogen lamp range is currently fitted with high quality UV filter quartz glass. UV filter technology offers a wealth of advantages and meets the strictest UV limits.

The main component of UV filter technology is the doped quartz glass of the bulb. In contrast to conventional quartz glass, this quartz glass, enriched with absorbent substances, filters out most of the UV radiation throughout the whole radiation spectrum of the lamp. Thus the mostly short wave UV-C and UV-B rays are mostly retained. The long wave UV-A radiation is reduced by half.

At a glance: Benefits of LEDVANCE UV filter technology

  • Easy compliance with the strictest UV limits
  • Reduced bleaching caused by UV
  • Reduction of stress to material caused by UV within the lamp, in particular with plastics

However, it must be noted that not only the UV radiation causes changes such as discolouration or bleaching in materials. The visible light or the infrared radiation can also cause undesired changes. Therefore, with light sensitive materials, always ensure the lighting strength is adequate and check the colour fastness.

OSRAM halogen lamps with UV filter technology

Nearly every OSRAM halogen lamp is based on the high quality UV filter technology. Convince yourself of the quality of the OSRAM halogen lamps with a UV filter.