Aluminium reflector and Cool Beam - Technologies for strong applications

Halogen lamps with a reflector can offer a wealth of advantages. They ensure selective light, set lighting accents, thus creating a varied atmosphere. Their high luminance means that reflector lamps are particularly suitable for creating backdrops for individual objects. Applications are primarily found in professional areas, such as architecture and shop lighting. OSRAM Cool Beam technology or aluminium coated reflectors create robust and high performance halogen lamps for different areas of application.

OSRAM halogen reflector lamps are available with different transmission angles: From very narrow (four degrees) up to very wide (60 degrees). The following table provides an overview:

DesignationAbbreviationLight emission angle

Cold light reflector lamps: Cool Beam technology for heat sensitive objects

Halogen incandescent lamps with a cold light reflector are ideally suited for lighting heat sensitive objects. Cold light reflectors are used in medicine. The special advantage of Cool Beam technology: The heat, i.e. the infrared radiation, created during lamp operation is mainly emitted to the rear. This means that the heat load in the light beam is reduced by up to 66 %. The consequence: Heat sensitive objects are protected through the use of this technology. The additional, low light emitted to the rear can create special light accents. However, care should be taken that the heat radiation to the rear is sufficiently taken into account in lighting planning.

Halogen lamps with aluminium coated reflector: Ideal for ceiling installation

Lamps with classic Cool Beam technology can not be used in lights in which the heat dissipation to the rear is insufficient due to their design or the place of use. These particularly include recessed luminaires, such as ceiling luminaires. The reason: Cold light reflector lamps dissipate two thirds of their heat radiation to the rear, which can cause the luminaire to overheat. This means that high temperatures can be a risk the operational safety of the lightning systems. To avoid this, we recommend using halogen lamps with an aluminium coated reflector for ceiling installations.

In contrast to cold light reflector lamps, halogen lamps with an aluminium coated reflector radiate little heat to the rear, for example into the ceiling panelling. The majority of the heat is radiated to the front in a targeted manner along with the light.