Halogen lamps – professional and compact technical knowledge

A long service life, best light quality, natural light effect and perfect colour reproduction are the amazing properties of OSRAM halogen lamps. They have conquered the world market within a very short time. In particular, the innovations developed and employed by LEDVANCE have contributed to the development of modern halogen technology. Thus, our portfolio contains both low voltage lamps for professional use and high voltage lamps for private use.

The wide range of application options, global standardised bases and the wide range of designs mean that the halogen lamps are essential items for many applications. There are also the patented technologies behind the OSRAM halogen lamps from LEDVANCE – creating the highest quality lighting scenarios.

Benefits of halogen technology

The technological advantages of the OSRAM halogen lamps at a glance. A long mean service life of 2000 to 5000 hours; optimum colour reproduction as well as classically warm, brilliant light are just some of them.

Halogen cycle

Certain chemical processes in the filling gas of the halogen bulb increase the service life of halogen lamps. Thus many different versions of halogen bulbs can be manufactured for different applications.

High quality halogen technology

OSRAM high quality halogen lamps are the alternative for all requirements in the high voltage and low voltage ranges. This is due to the infrared coating and the use of xenon as the filling gas compared with standard halogen lamps.

UV Filter technology

Almost every OSRAM halogen lamp uses the high quality UV filter technology. The specially enriched quartz glass of the bulb reduces the UV material load within the lamp.

High voltage and low voltage lamps

Be it professional lighting solutions for shops, hotels and restaurants or attractive mains voltage lamps for private settings - with LEDVANCE you can find halogen lamps for all sorts of applications.

Optimum operating voltage

OSRAM halogen lamps achieve their optimum output at their defined operating voltage. The service life and efficiency are impaired if there is an over- or under voltage.

Reflector technology

Halogen bulbs with reflectors are particularly suited for creating backdrops for items. Cool Beam technology or aluminium coated reflectors create strong lighting solutions for accent lighting.