High voltage and low voltage – the right halogen lamp for every application

With LEDVANCE, you will find halogen lamps for various voltage ranges. Mains voltage lamps (230 V) are an ideal replacement for conventional incandescent lamps in private settings. In contrast, low voltage lamps are perfectly suited to use in professional settings, such as shops, hotels or restaurants. The different properties of the lamps determine the area of application.

Low voltage lamps: High service life and luminous efficiency

Low voltage halogen lamps are operated at twelve volts. They have a higher luminous efficiency, a higher colour temperature and, in general, a longer service life than mains voltage halogen lamps. They are perfectly suited to use in professional areas of application. Shops, hotels or restaurants – the properties of low voltage lamps really come into their own here. The particularly wide range of products in the field of low voltage halogen lamps can offer the right product for any customer requirement.

What do the longer service life and the increased luminous efficiency of the low voltage lamps depend on? The key factors are the physical properties determined by the laws of electricity. The coiled wire of a low voltage lamp is about five times as thick as that of a high voltage lamp (mains voltage lamp) of the same intensity. However, the length of the low voltage coiled wire is just one fifth of the length of a comparable high voltage coil. The thicker, shorter coiled wire produced a considerably high thermal load of the low voltage coil. This leads to an increased luminous efficiency and a considerably longer service life.

High voltage lamps: Compact and attractive alternative for mains applications

Due to the standard bases, the lower system costs and simple installation, mains voltage halogen lamps are perfectly suited to use in private applications. The OSRAM mains voltage halogen lamps are available with bases on one or both sides and are normally designed for operating voltages of 120, 230 or 240 Volts. They are also available in classic designs and are thus an ideal alternative to conventional incandescent lamps.