OSRAM halogen lamps from LEDVANCE: Multitalented with perfect colour reproduction

OSRAM halogen lamps are the perfect lighting solution in many areas of application. For professional users and in consumer settings. They shine through their natural light effect with classically warm, brilliant accented light. Long service lives and the wide range of variations are just some of the benefits in favour of OSRAM halogen lamps. A particular highlight are the halogen Classic lamps, which offer a considerably longer service life than conventional incandescent lamps.

Benefits of OSRAM halogen lamps

  • Long service life, up to five times longer than conventional incandescent lamps
  • Classically warm, brilliant accented light
  • Highest colour reproduction (Ra = 100)
  • Luminous efficiency up to 25 Lumen per Watt
  • Natural lighting effects
  • Pleasant colour temperatures similar to incandescent lamps
  • 100% dimming capacity
  • Constant intensity throughout the entire service life
  • Full brightness immediately after switch-on
  • Globally standardised screw or pin bases
  • Application directly on the mains or with transformer, according to selection of high voltage or low voltage lamps
  • Halogen Classic lamps as an alternative to incandescent lamps
  • Available with or without reflector
  • Various variations: from small spotlights to large ceiling lights
  • Smaller design due to the halogen cycle
  • Reduction of the UV load through UV filter technology

OSRAM halogen bulbs from LEDVANCE: impressive product range

From small spotlights to large ceiling lights. OSRAM halogen lamps are essential, both in professional and private areas. Whether for shop lighting or special applications such as medical or studio lighting - the wide-ranging uses for halogen lamps speak for themselves. Take a look at the wide product range for yourself and look at the amazing technical benefits of OSRAM halogen lamps.

Halogen bulbs for any area of application

Whether low voltage lamps for hotel or restaurant lighting, or high voltage lamps for attractive lighting solutions for private settings - OSRAM halogen bulbs can be used in a wide variety of ways. They create a perfect light backdrop in entrance halls or can create attractively enhance products in shops.