The LEDVANCE Truck guest appereance at the Elektro Hartl internal trade fair


Application:  General lighting
Technology:  LED
Target Group:  Shop owner,  Electrician,  Installer,  Trade

The successful roadshow of the LEDVANCE Truck continues. After some European countries, the truck came to Germany recently and stopped at the internal trade fair of the wholesaler Hartl in Freising, close to the LEDVANCE Headquarters.

More than 100 interested customers took advantage of the opportunity to get in touch with the current product range. In addition to compulsory brochures, the truck offers the possibility to test lamps and luminaires by itself - and if customers are interested, they can register directly and uncomplicated via an integrated Apple iPad for regular product updates.

After a successful event with happy customers and great feedback from the organizer, the truck driver went directly back to France, where the next day more customers await the latest product innovations.