LED tube SubstiTUBE Star EM is winner at the renowned German test magazine „test“


Application:  Retail
Technology:  LED
Target Group:  Electrician,  Installer

Stiftung Warentest awards in his "test" issue 8/2017 the SubstiTUBE Star EM as a test winner.

The SubstiTUBE Star EM received the grade 2.0 from “test” together with two other products. The magazine tested nine consumer LED tubes, neutral white, with G13 socket and conventional ballast.

The conclusion of the highly renowned test magazine: The colour rendering of modern LED tubes is much better compared to conventional fluorescent tubes. According to the tester, the new LED tubes are distinguished by a high light output, which with 90 to 146 lumens per watt is far above the values of common fluorescent tubes with up to 80 lumens per watt.

Also excellent is the durability of the tested products. All candidates surpassed the duration test of 1,500 hours without any problems. The SubstiTUBE Star EM has a lifetime of 30,000 hours, which is an average of around 50 % more than for fluorescent tubes, explained the magazine.

According to "test" many readers had rather bad experiences with no-name LED tubes, the professional testers therefore recommend the branded products from the test.